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about old sheepdog

Sharing the flavors of the frontera

Our Story

Gus along with his wife Brisa Delgado, and their two sons, embarked on the journey of establishing Old Sheepdog Brewery in 2018 with the goal of finding the perfect location to match their vision for a unique one-of-a-kind brewery experience in El Paso, Texas. The Brewery is located at 3900 Rosa Avenue in an older industrial warehouse built in the 1930s. Nestled in the heart of El Paso and sitting next to the iconic Lincoln Park murals, the building has been brought back to life with an art centered aesthetic through an overwhelming contribution from local talented artists.  

With Gus and Brisa having grown up on both sides of the frontera, it was important for that culture to come through in the beer they brewed. What started in their home kitchen as a hobby, has morphed into a passionate pursuit to share the flavors of the “frontera” with the community.  The ingredients used elicit feelings of nostalgia from their Abuela’s home cooked meals paying tribute to those precious moments of family gatherings and the borderland’s rich cultura.

one of a kind

a one-of-a-kind brewery experience
El Paso, Texas
Old Sheepdog BrewERY would like to remind you that you must be at least 21 years of age to CONSUME alcoholic beverages. Do not drink and drive, drink to excess, or drink with certain medications or medical conditions.